Mass timber construction is quickly gaining momentum, and for good reason. Building with wood has many benefits. However, CLT construction has not been widely adopted yet. Linkwood changes that: we make it possible to accelerate the sustainability of construction. We specialize in large-scale CLT construction projects from start to finish. Join us! Together we will build a future of wood.

Our ambition

Accelerating large-scale building with wood

Linkwood is the innovative link between the forest and the construction site. We have contracts with reputable European producers of CLT. We know what contractors need in terms of engineering, delivery, and assembly. And we have the knowledge to realize large-scale shell and core construction projects. Working with Linkwood means optimistically going into the future together. It is our ambition to accelerate the process of large-scale building with CLT and optimize the supply chain.


What can we do for you?

Linkwood helps building contractors in the Netherlands to realize high-quality CLT constructions
for large-scale construction projects, buildings and timber concept homes.

Scenarios and advice

  • Risk and feasibility analysis
  • Advice on building with CLT and everything around

Design and engineering

  • Designing and modeling (VO, DO, UO)
  • Calculating construction structures
  • Detailing

Production and transport

  • Planning
  • Production at European factories
  • Logistics

Realization on-site

  • Assembly and installation of shells on-site
  • Inspection and final completion


Do you also want to build in wood?

Please contact Hans Houweling for advice or introduction.