82 timber construction apartments

With a height of 40 meters and 82 apartments in the mid-rental segment, Valckensteyn is one of the largest affordable timber-framed residential complexes in the Netherlands. An iconic residential building in wood with an elegant, circular and integrated sustainable design by Powerhouse Company.

  • Location: Rotterdam Pendrecht
  • Commissioned by: Waal
  • Housing corporation: Woonstad
  • Architect: Powerhouse Company

Efficient and elegant beacon in wood

Valckensteyn is an efficient yet elegant beacon in wood with which housing corporation Woonstad makes nature-inclusive living in wood affordable and accessible, while at the same time reducing its Co2 footprint. The building will have 12 floors and will be realized in Rotterdam Pendrecht. A neighborhood in South Rotterdam that is being restructured by Woonstad.

Commissioned by Waal, Linkwood is responsible for the complete realization of the wooden construction for Valckensteyn using certified wood from sustainably managed forests. From engineering to assembly. From forest to construction.

1,718,346 kg storage of Co2

In addition to CO2 emissions avoided by building with wood, the use of wood for the construction of the Valckensteyn residential building saves approximately 1,718,346 kg of Co2 during the various life cycles of the wood.

  • This Co2 storage corresponds to the emissions of 1,011 cars per year
  • This is comparable to the electricity consumption of approximately 1,988 households in one year
  • The European forests store this amount of Co2 in 2 minutes and 12 seconds

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