Waal timber construction apartment concept

Circular and industrial apartments
with a wooden shell

Waal believes that building must and can be done differently. She wants to drastically reduce her Co2 footprint together with her clients by scaling up timber construction with wood from sustainably managed forests. By building with wood, not only CO2 emissions are avoided, but also stored during different life cycles.

  • Modular wood construction, combined with flat pack
  • Solution for the shortage of affordable housing
  • Contributing to the climate transition
  • Client: Waal
Various facade views: Snitker/Borst/Architecten

Build with wood

Building much more with wood increases the demand for wood and promotes the sustainable reforestation of the earth. In this way, the construction industry, and Waal in particular, can make an impact and make a substantial contribution to the climate transition, while at the same time working to solve the shortage of affordable and accessible homes without unnecessarily burdening nature and the earth.

Apartment concept

Linkwood shares Waal‘s vision and is a permanent partner for the Paris-proof timber construction apartment concept. With our chain of consultants and specialists, we have developed, in collaboration with Waal, an easily manufacturable basic concept for apartments in structural wood. It is based on a solid wooden shell (walls and floors of CLT), a load-bearing module of CLT (installations, sanitary facilities and kitchen) and a load-bearing industrially produced facade. It is a construction system in which modular wood construction is combined with flatpack.

The concept offers a lot of design and layout freedom. Various housing types can easily beconfigured for different target groups. In addition, industrial production is used efficiently, which guarantees the affordability of housing. Different architectural styles can also be applied so that the building can be adapted in terms of image quality to any existing urban development context.

Biodiverse and circular

With the timber construction apartment concept, Waal, in collaboration with its clients, focuses on the realization of liveable and inclusive districts and neighbourhoods. Timber construction ensures a pleasant living environment for happy and healthy residents. It also improves biodiversity and the materials used are circular and biobased as much as possible. Linkwood is proud to contribute to this unique concept. As a timber construction partner of Waal, we expect to realize approximately 100 to 150 timber construction apartments per year. From engineering to delivery and assembly. From forest to construction.



Do you also want to build in wood?

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