One Milky Way

30 wooden construction apartments
(a total of 253 apartments)

The former Binckhorst industrial and business park will be transformed into a residential area in the coming years. De Binckhorst is located on the outskirts of The Hague and is part of the Laak district. There, among other things, the new construction project One Milky Way is unfolding.

  • Location: Den Haag, stadsdeel Laak
  • Commissioned by: Waal
  • Project development: VORM
  • Architect: OZ architects
Images: OZ architects

Linkwood supplies complete
timber building construction

One Milky Way, designed by OZ architects and developed by Vorm, consists of a 70-metre high residential tower with 223 apartments, with a commercial plinth and 4 layers of office space underneath. Subsequently, a residential building of 25 meters high with 30 timber-framed apartments, a care plinth and a public parking garage with a roof garden. The total surface area is approximately 37,000 m2 GFA. Waal has now started the construction of One Milky Way. Linkwood will supply the entire timber construction for the 30 timber construction apartments with its regular partners and realize it with certified wood from sustainably managed forests.

First investment BPL Pensioen
in timber construction

On behalf of end investor BPL Pensioen, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance has acquired 213 rental apartments in One Milky Way, including the 30 timber construction apartments. This is BPL Pensioen’s first investment in timber construction. This fulfills the ESG policy of BPL Pensioen and the ambition to be a green fund for the green sector.

Storage of 859,173 kg of Co2

In addition to avoided CO2 emissions by building with wood, the use of wood for the realization of the 30 timber-framed apartments saves approximately 859,173 kg of CO2 during the various life cycles of the wood.

  • This Co2 storage corresponds to the emissions of approximately 485 cars per year
  • This is comparable to the electricity consumption of approximately 954 households in one year
  • The European forests store this amount of Co2 in 1 minute and 3 seconds

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