About Linkwood

We are both thinkers and doers.
You can count on us throughout the entire process, from idea to completion.

A refined process
for mass timber

Wooden construction is the future that starts today. The production process is fully digitized which minimizes the chance of errors. Building with CLT is a proven technology and a fully viable alternative to traditional building methods. Mass timber construction requires a different way of working, and Linkwood knows that way of working in detail. We use a refined process that we match perfectly to the customer’s process. And we don’t give up when things get complicated.

Faster building,
earlier exploitation

Until recently, wood was mainly used for prestige projects. But now, large-scale construction and shell and core construction in wood are also possible. The construction industry requires sustainability. There is a large need for homes that can be built and capitalized on in a short time span. CLT is a fully viable alternative and now is the time. Linkwood is the essential link: without risks and with the best return on investment for your project.

Strong and

Linkwood’s production process is fully digital, minimizing the chance of errors. Because much is prepared in prefabrication, the building process is faster and happens on cleaner and quieter construction sites, with fewer people. Wooden buildings also have a pleasant indoor climate. Wood is light and easy to work with; it is just as strong as concrete and lasts just as long. And importantly, increased building with wood will ultimately lead to more forests.



Linkwood is the innovative link between the forest and the construction site.

Faster building, earlier exploitation

Wood is proven technology

Prefabrication without errors

Easy, light and sustainable

Assembly on location

We relieve you during the process

“Linkwood is our innovation partner in realizing and optimizing our CLT apartment concept.”

Johan Krijgsman, partner Waal


Reliable delivery through cooperation with the best partners

Linkwood works with the best European CLT producers and chain partners, ensuring guaranteed delivery. Additionally, we take care of everything for you. We stand alongside you with expertise during the engineering and calculation process. And we provide pre-production, assembly, and on-site installation. Furthermore, we seamlessly align our BIM-wood construction model with yours. Linkwood is a specialist, process facilitator, and producer throughout the entire project.


Do you also want to build in wood?

Please contact Hans Houweling for advice or introduction.